News : Hair Sponsor for Oscars Charity Event “The Carnival” [Uptown Loft]

With the actual Oscars Award Show happening this past Sunday, March 2, 2014, Puzzle Creations also held its 2nd Annual Oscars Charity Event “The Carnival” on the same day at the Uptown Loft! All proceeds from the charity event went to recipient : Thinking Forward. Thinking Forward is a non-profit organization that helps Toronto’s children, youth and adults develop stronger character and skills, in order that they might impact their communities in a positive way; teaching them to think beyond themselves.

There were approximately 180 guests that showed up for the party. People got dressed up for a fun night of events, food, raffles, games, silent auctions, and to watch the Oscars! Glad to bump into some familiar faces, clients, vendors, friends, etc!

Some of the kids from Thinking Forward painted some inspirational art work that was up for sale at the event via a donation. Love, Don’t Hate. We Love! Friendship. Some beautiful words to live by!

There were some fun games throughout the night, including voting for people with the “Best Smile”, “Best Shoes”, “Best Outfit”, etc. Those with the highest votes won a trophy! [And bragging rights of course!]

I couldn’t make it to this event last year, but made the effort to keep the date open for my good friend Ming of Puzzle Creations to show my support for his awesome event as a Hair Sponsor! For those that didn’t have time to get their hair done prior to the event, had to the chance to get their hair done by me at the Celebrity Hair Station!

Catering was sponsored by Dutch Frites. You can see my Dutch Poutine featured in the photo above to the left! Yum! I also had a chance to gobble down a Stroopwafel, which was delicious! *Nom Nom Nom*. Other lovely goodies that made their rounds were cupcakes by Bakin’ Bits and Sweet Escapes, as well as macarons by Catisserie!

What a fun and incredible night, and all for a good cause! Hopefully I’ll see you at next year’s Oscars Charity Event!
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Organizer // Ming Cheung : Puzzle Creations
Charity Event Recipient // Thinking Forward
Venue : Uptown Loft
Leading Role Sponsor // Joee Wong
Supporting Role Sponsors // Neta Latchmana / Mr. & Mrs. Latchmana
Event Coordinator // Neta Latchmana
Event Photography // Fiona Lee
Red Carpet Photography // Nate Macdonald Photography :
Cinematography // Victor Au : Stories Worth Sharing
Catering // Dutch Frites :
Floral Arrangements // Passion Flower Designs
DJ // DJ Jono
VIP Cupcakes + Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Sharon Ho : Bloom Cake Co.
Macarons // Catisserie :
Cupcakes // Bakin’ Bits :
Cupcakes // Sweet Escapes :
Makeup // Rhia Amio
Makeup // Annie Kue
Hair // Maggie Ng of Beauty PhD
Hair // Annie Ting :
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Heidi Lau Photography
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Allura Skin & Laser Centre
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Sally Han of Shop for Jayu
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Mongrel Media
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Sonya Ho of Mary Kay
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Joe Hsiung of Fight Fit Boot Camps
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Yoga Tree
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Vicki Vesco of Arbonne International
Silent Auction & Raffle Prizes // Art Gallery of Ontario

Maggie Ng

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