FAQ : Best Wedding Day Tips for the Makeup Artist vs Photographer ft Focus Production

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Usually the first vendor a Bride sees on her Big Day is the Makeup Artist. We usually start bright and early! Sometimes it’s so early that it’s still pitch black outside or sometimes it’s later in the afternoon. Depends on the individual Brides schedule of course! The next vendor to typically show up are the Wedding Photographer(s) and/or Cinematographer(s). So it’s important that the MUA has good rapport with them! To make things easier, Focus Production & I came up with a few key tips that really brings out the best for the “Getting Ready” portion of the day :

1. Find the Light.
As mentioned before, some start times may be so early that there is no natural light yet, but still do your best to set up your makeup station near the window that will eventually yield the most natural light as the sun rises later on. Usually this area is in the kitchen or bedroom (depending which direction it faces). If you have the choice or luxury to do this, it might be a good idea to rent a nice hotel room, which usually looks less cluttered and has big windows! You also want to make sure that the sunlight isn’t too strong that it’s glaring or burning, so if the window has a soft, diffused white curtain, that would be ideal!

Another tip would be to utilize one source of light, so that the colour temperature is consistent and doesn’t compete. So if it’s dark out and all you have available are the incandescent light bulbs, just use that until the sun starts to rise. Once you’ve got enough sunlight to do makeup without the light bulbs, turn them off. This will help the photographer(s) / cinematographer(s) get better shots and the white balance is so much nicer and more flattering!

2. Schedule.
Try to schedule the Bride’s makeup and/or hair around the time when the photographer arrives so they are able to get those lipstick or blush shots. If the makeup and/or hair is done sooner, then work with the key photographer / cinematographer for some naturally “staged” shots OR just hold off doing the the lips until the photographer arrives.

Help the Bride with her veil closer to the end. The Bride may want photos with her Mom or Maid of Honour helping with the veil. So you can opt to do the veil first and then the others can pretend to put it on afterwards for the shot!

As the Makeup Artist, if you’re not pressed for time for another appointment, it’s always a good idea to stick around for Touchups in case the Bride reads a card or opens a gift from the Groom and cries (which usually happens during the “getting ready” portion of the day)!!!

3. Pretty Products.
As the Makeup Artist, be sure to carry some nice, colourful makeup palettes in your kits, which are amazing to photograph — whether it’s for detail shots or getting ready shots!  Also, having a pretty (and clean) mirror for photographing the Bride’s reaction to her makeup & hair is another great photo opportunity too!

4. Confirmation.
Typically most Brides will do a trial prior to the wedding day, but if by chance she isn’t sure about the intensity of the makeup on the day of OR the look of her hairstyle, the Photographer can help take a “test shot” and show the Bride an example of how the makeup & hair photographs on the back of their camera screen. Usually the makeup does need to be slightly more intense (and the hair needs to be slightly more dramatic) in person, which shows up just right on camera.

Guest : Focus Production : Toronto Wedding Photographer And Videographer

(Note : Above is a wedding video I worked on together with Focus Production!)

PS. Hope you enjoyed these wedding tips and found them helpful!
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