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Event :: Sugar Tiers Cake Decorating Class

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Toronto Event Photographer :: Sugar Tiers
Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to share my experience doing a 2hr Cake Decorating Class with Sugar Tiers!  I’m not really a baker, but thought this would be a fun experience.  It’s great because all the materials are provided for you, all you have to do is show up!  So we take a pre-baked cake base, cut it in half, slather buttercream inbetween and all around. Then we’re given fondant to cover the cake, then some yellow fondant for the decorations.  Working with fondant can be a bit of a challenge because if you’re too slow, it dries/hardens and you’ll see some cracks and what not. At the end of the class, we get to bring home our creation and eat it! I thought I did not too shabby for a newbie!

Our instructor was Evalin Chong.  She’s very friendly and knowledgeable re: pastries and cakes.  If you go to Sugar Tiers, they have lots of baking products you can buy if you’re in the DIY kind of mood.  The class is about 2 hours long.  And Evalin also provides you with the cake and buttercream recipe, if you wanted to try making another cake at home.  With the knowledge you learn from the class, I guess I’d be comfortable making a birthday cake of some sort.  The fondant is actually available for purchase if you’re not comfortable making it yourself.  If you’re into cake decorating and can’t commit to actual baking school, this is a perfect opportunity to just try it out.  They also have a cupcake decorating class that I might be interested in trying out too. If you want more info re: classes or are looking for a cake for your upcoming wedding, here is Sugar Tier’s contact :

Sugar Tiers
735 Markland Street, Unit 4, Markham
Ontario, Canada, L6C 0G6
E : manager@sugartiers.ca
W : http://www.sugartiers.ca

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