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Testimonial : Vicky + Elbert {Wedding}

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Testimonial : Vicky + Elbert {Toronto Wedding Photography}
So when I first met Vicky & Elbert, I wasn’t too sure if they were going to book us.  They told us they were shopping around and had met up with some other photographers.  I think there was a bit of hesitation because they were under the impression that M STUDIO LIFE represented different photographers and they were afraid they wouldn’t get the specific photographer they liked.  Good thing they expressed their concern and I explained to them that there’s only ONE principal photographer, which was me!  M aka Maggie!  And that the work on my website was all taken by me (and sometimes by my 2nd photographer Tobin).

Also, Elbert works in the graphic design field, so he was a bit particular about who he wanted to choose as his photographer. He didn’t want a cookie-cutter photographer who had the same old photographers web template.  So when he viewed my website, he was impressed because I had designed it myself and had actually put some thought into it.  Before booking, they also requested to see the full version of one of our recent weddings that we had documented.  The reason behind this, was to see the progression of photos throughout the day.  Yes, many photographers can shoot 3000 photos in one day, and within that set there’s bound to be 10-20 good ones that they can Photoshop to death and post on their blog/website and say “wow, look at how good I am!”  So they were looking for consistency — were all the photos they were going to get in the end just as good as the ones you post on the website?  Do they tell a story?  One of their major concerns was getting lots of candid shots of the guests — to help relive that day, we were to be the eyes and ears for the moments they missed.  So we met up a 2nd time, so I could show them a full recent wedding we did — it was probably around 800-1000 photos.  Immediately the next day, we got an email saying, “Yes, we want to book with you!”

It was so awesome they went with us, because now that the wedding is over, I feel like we’ve become friends.  Even after the wedding, we still keep communication.  Vicky was like “we’re going to Italy for our honeymoon and we want to get pictures done, but I don’t want my wedding dress to get dirty!”  Even though they couldn’t fly us to shoot their post-wedding honeymoon shots, I offered to give her a used wedding gown that didn’t matter if it got ruined.  I had obtained a bunch of free used wedding gowns from an industry friend in case I needed it for “Trash the Dress” sessions – so I found the smallest one I had in stock for her.  V+E were really grateful and even brought us back a small gift from Italy.  Thanks guys for thinking of us!  A post-wedding shoot in Toronto is still in the works…so we really can’t wait to see these two again soon!


Here are some super nice things they had to say about us :

After an exhaustive search for a photographer for our wedding, we met Maggie of M STUDIO LIFE…and boy, were we glad! Not only did we think that we made the right choice, after seeing the photos of the most important day of our lives, we KNOW that we’ve made the best choice!

Maggie and Tobin were patient and lots of fun to work with. They made it so easy for us and for our guests on that day, melting into the crowd, as though they were a part of our family. We really love our pictures!  They captured all the beautiful moments, as well as those unexpected and candid moments that put a smile on our faces every time we look at them.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.




Photography : M Studio Life [info@mstudiolife.com]
Photo Assistants : Tobin C / My-Linh
Ceremony + Reception : The Doctor’s House [Kleinburg]
Makeup + Hair : Maggie Ng
Bride’s Shoes : Madden Girl

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