Press : FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel [Challenge 45 : Winter Skincare Tips]

Challenge #45 : Favourite Winter Skincare Tips

This has been one crazy winter, with temperatures feeling like -40 degrees celsius with wind chill to jumping to 8 degrees celsius that very same week, our skin definitely has a hard time adjusting to the weather!

When the weather gets cold, I try to use more moisturizing beauty products. For example, instead of powder foundation, I may go for BB cream. Instead of powder blush, go for cream blush. Lip balms are a must and a moisturizing lip gloss. Primers with illuminating properties helps give a healthy glow. When it comes to skincare, a hydrating mist throughout the day helps freshen and wake up dull, tired skin. And for daily use? A super-saturated hydrating fluid concentrate or serum to help revitalize dry, parched skin.

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Maggie Ng

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