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Kelvin Young Photography

I’ve worked with Kelvin Young for numerous weddings and he always shows up with good and positive energy! His style of shooting is very photo-journalistic and unobtrusive. The images he captures are very bright, crisp and beautiful. He may be young in age, but he’s a total seasoned veteran when it comes to photography. Photography is Kelvin’s passion and he’s been doing this as his full time career for almost a decade! He’s definitely a hard worker. Whether he’s had back-to-back-to-back gigs, or perhaps is hungry or tired, he always keeps his A game on and puts the needs of his clients first.

I remember for one of the gigs we had worked on together, I had another wedding job to go to after, so Kelvin was thoughtful enough to check on his phone to find the best traffic route for me. I didn’t ask him to. He just automatically did it to try and make sure things ran smoothly for me. It’s little details like that which I think would make him a great asset for your wedding day! I highly recommend him as a wedding photographer and I know I can always count on him for some lovely images for my makeup & hair portfolio. Please view the Gallery above for some examples of weddings that we have worked on together!

Special Promo Offer :
We are pleased to offer our wedding couples a special promo when you book both Maggie Ng : Makeup + Hair and Kelvin Young Photography for your Big Day!!

Receive 10% off the Signature Album or Exquisite Album from Kelvin Young Photography (save up to $100), as well as a surprise bonus from Maggie Ng : Makeup + Hair! (Item or service depends on the needs of the client. Please inquire with me for more details!)

To receive this special promo offer, be sure to contact Kelvin Young and mention your Makeup Artist or Hairstylist is Maggie Ng.
[And vice-versa, so that I know your photographer is Kelvin Young!] Please note that all bookings will be verified and conditions may apply.
Currently promotion has no expiry date.

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