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Curio Studios ft Clifton Li

I’ve worked with Clifton Li [Principal Photographer of Curio Studios] for both wedding and commercial gigs. He’s super professional and friendly! He always brings the best photography gear to produce top-notch quality images. He’s very knowledgeable about his craft and is very versatile, as he can shoot almost any genre photography and do really well. He’s super passionate and enthusiastic about photography and always can’t wait for his next assignment! It’s in his blood! He’s also won numerous awards, from Applied Arts, Hasselblad Masters, and the International Photography Awards to name a few. So you can definitely trust him with your Big Day!

Clifton is very hardworking! I remember an engagement shoot we worked on, he spent over 8 hours with the couple! As a photographer, he uses his technical skills and combines it with an artistic editorial flare to create stunning images. He loves trying new things and has got a keen eye for observation. Clifton and his talented team will capture your wedding at interesting angles, perspectives and utilize different lighting techniques and sources to create unique and memorable images.

Note : The above gallery features images we have both collaborated together on.

Special Promo Offer :
Curio Studios is pleased to offer wedding couples a special promo if they book both Maggie Ng : Makeup + Hair and Curio Studios. Please inquire for more details via the contact email below. Please note that all bookings will be verified and conditions may apply. Currently this promotion has no expiry date.

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