Book Review : The Art of Having It All

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If you’re feeling down and less motivated lately, then this book, The Art of Having It All – A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance by Christy Whitman may be for you. We’ve got New York Times best selling author, Christy Whitman explaining (within 136 pages) how women can get in touch with their inner self, figuring out what “It” really is, and then finding an unimaginable energy within and focusing it in ways that make dreams come true.

Many of us feel like the universe often holds a far bigger vision for us than we are capable of seeing for ourselves at any particular moment in time.  As we get older, and experience life, we see that getting ahead requires that we embrace change and understand that we need to move toward it in a fluid way, not against it … it’s very much like dancing.

It’s not all about winning, or having lots of money, or having a fantastic career and a wonderful family. Having it all is more about the feeling we carry with us in the privacy of our own hearts and minds.

Christy Whitman offers up a modern strategy for women who want to “have it all”. She lays out a path forward that shows people how to feel thankful, hopeful, and healthy all at the same time, all the time.

The ideas she shares can not only be used to chart a course to greater abundance and success, but to a deeper connection with yourself and an increased ability to enjoy all that you are and all that you have created and have yet to create.

Christy shares with us her own personal experiences that relate back to her steps to creating a life of abundance. She teaches you how to understand, practice and utilize the Universal Laws of Sufficiency and Abundance, Attraction, Allowing, Detachment, Polarity and Pure Potentiality to effortlessly and joyfully bridge that gap in virtually every aspect of your life.

There are some great quotes in the book that help motivate you along the way, including one of my faves :

We all have thousands of possible future selves – any one of which can be brought to life through the power of our focus.

I find this book focuses a lot about our “energy”, if we are positive and believe in ourselves, we can achieve whatever it is we want to do in life. You ever notice some people around you that are extremely focused and passionate about something, things just seem to happen for them and they get all these amazing opportunities and things seem to just fall into place for them? It’s most likely due to the Laws of Attraction. When you build up a certain momentum, one thing leads to another and things will take off eventually. I’ve seen this happen with makeup artists all the time! They land a few gigs and suddenly one thing leads to another and things take off for them as they build momentum. You see them killing it on Instagram and you think, wow, why can’t this happen for me? Ahhh…but it can!

By allowing yourself to swell up with that gratitude, you open up doorways along your path. Synchronicity comes into play and people show up in your life, that bring you to places that are truly unimaginable to you in the present moment.

I think one of the key points I took away from the book was the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. A lot of people might look at their own dreams and think to themselves that there are tons of people doing it already, so maybe it’s not possible for them to achieve it. But just because many people are already living your dream [or something similar], doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of that pie.

This book is basically about deciding what is important to YOU; mentally, physically and spiritually and designing your own life and manifesting your own dreams to come true. I enjoyed the book, as I could relate to a lot of what Christy was saying and appreciate some of her words of wisdom.



Maggie Ng
Editor-In-Chief, Beauty PhD

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