Press Event : StriVectin Hair Event [Colette Grand Cafe]

I was lucky enough to be one of the few Toronto Beauty Bloggers, Media and Writers to attend an intimate breakfast & event for StriVectin Hair at Colette Grand Cafe! We had Chief Marketing Officer, Amanda Baldwin talk to us about the various hair care lines available, as well as touch upon a couple of their skincare products.

When you think of StriVectin, you would often refer to them as skincare experts. But skin doesn’t stop at your hair, your scalp is skin too! So StriVectin used their same patented technology, NIA-114 and incorporated it into their hair care line that will help keep it “ageless”.

Disclaimer : All that attended the event received press samples for editorial consideration. Any opinions expressed are that of my own. This is not sponsored, however there may be affiliate links in this post.


Without going into too much detail, StriVectin Hair products have been clinically tested to convert the Top Ten signs of aging hair into the following positive signs known as the Ageless Hair Index :

1. Hair Fall & Thinning –> Full
2. Split Ends & Breakage –> Strong
3. Dullness –> Radiant
4. Dryness –> Hydrated
5. Brittleness –> Nourished
6. Frizz & Porousness –> Smooth
7. Coarseness –> Soft
8. Flat & Lifeless –>Bodified
9. Lackluster & Loss of Colour –> Vibrant
10. Unruliness –> Manageable

There are currently 3 different Collections :

1. StriVectin Hair Ultimate Restore Collection : Rebuilds Damaged or Thinning Hair
Includes : Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Repair Mask, Densifying Foaming Treatment

2. StriVectin Hair Color Care Collection : Retaining the Brilliance of Color-Treated Hair
Includes : Shampoo, Conditioner, Vibrancy Booster, UV Protective Spray

3. StriVectin Hair Max Volume Collection : Full Body and More Radiant
Includes : Shampoo, Conditioner, Root Lifting Spray, Bodifying Radiance Serum.

Even though the main theme of the event was about “hair”, we were also briefed on a couple of skincare products :

1. StriVectin Overnight Replenishing Moisture Mask
Works the night shift to deliver maximum hydration.

2. StriVectin Multi-Action Restorative Cream
One single product that effectively addresses ALL major visible signs of aging.

StriVectin was kind enough to give all of us goody bags of each of their Hair Care lines! I think I’m most excited to try the StriVectin Hair Max Volume & Ultimate Restore Collection, as my hair always tends to be limp and flat! (See what I thought in the comments below!)

So which Hair Collection do you think you’ll be trying out soon?
Please leave a  comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

For More Info :
Website :
Social Media : @StriVectin / #StriVectinHAIR


Maggie Ng
Editor-In-Chief, Beauty PhD

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  • I’ve so far tried all the shampoo’s & conditioner’s and even though my hair is more on the oily side, they all worked well for me. However I think I liked the StriVectin Hair Ultimate Restore Collection the best! It’s made for damaged or thinning hair and after using it, I noticed I grew out a bunch of new baby hairs within that time period, which was a great sign, b/c I think it actually encouraged some new hair growth.

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