Press Event : Canadian International Auto Show 2017 [Video] #CIAS2017

Not gonna lie…aside from makeup and beauty, (even though I don’t drive a fancy car), I do enjoy the occasional Auto Show here and there. I can appreciate nice rims, smooth gear shifts and a little bit of horsepower. So I decided to head down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to check out what’s new at the Canadian International Auto Show 2017. I’m usually most excited to see all the concept cars, as I try to envision what the future of cars may be like.

Disclosure : Beauty PhD attended the Canadian International Auto Show 2017 as press/media. Any opinions expressed are that of my own. This is not a sponsored post.

So I was trying to think of how I could relate beauty back to cars and decided to explore which vehicles would be ideal for mobile beauty artists. I even interviewed specialists from Mazda & Mini Cooper for their insight & thoughts! Interested to find out what they had to say? Check out the Youtube video below!

A few questions I’m curious about!

1) So did you check out the CIAS this year? If so, what did you enjoy most about it?
As mentioned earlier, I love looking at concept cars & hope that their unique design will become a reality someday. And like most people, I also enjoy checking out the super cars!

2) Also, if you’re a makeup artist, hairstylist or beauty artist of some sort, what kind of car do you drive and why? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts! Did you pick your car because it simply looked nice? Or do you pay attention to specs and other things?
I think for me, I just cringe at how high gas prices are these days. So good gas mileage tends to be an important factor when choosing a car, since I tend to drive all over the city for my appointments. So I currently own a Honda Fit. It’s cute and easy on my wallet.

3) If money was no object, what car would you want to own? And why?
Hm…I don’t care too much about speed (since I drive like a grandma!), but I think I would want a McLaren P1 because of its sleek style and the butterfly doors are way cool!

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Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post & video! Please stay tuned to the next and maybe I’ll catch you at next years Auto Show!


Maggie Ng
Editor-In-Chief, Beauty PhD

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