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Mink lashes seem to be all the rage lately. I’ve noticed many of my bridal makeup clients have been talking or asking about them A LOT. It’s all about luxury. Just check out Esqido Lashes. Everything from the faux snakeskin box to the rose gold foil lettering finish. Every pair is handcrafted with care. Their motto is “The Signature to Your Masterpiece”.

I was fortunate enough to attend their launch event as a Toronto Beauty Blogger at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale recently to check out their entire collection. From Classic to Noire (ultra voluminous) to Signature (exclusive collabs), there’s a lash prescription for everyone.

For someone who doesn’t wear much makeup, the “Little Black Lash” would probably be your best bet. For the drama queen, “Amp It Up” would be a great fit. For something in between, I chose to go with “Big City Nights”.

Disclosure : Samples were received from a press event for editorial consideration. Any opinions expressed are that of my own. This is not a sponsored post.

Va-va-va-voom! So dramatic. The hairs feel so soft to the touch. They curl up nicely to really open up the eyes! The lashes themselves feel relatively lightweight on the eyelid. The cotton band is pretty comfortable, but I found the inner corner pinched a bit. That was my fault though, because I didn’t trim them enough width-wise. It’s kind of heartbreaking to cut and trim them to size because they’re so nice, you don’t want to make a mistake or throw any portion of it away! (FYI, they recommend for you to always trim from the outer corner.)

For application, I used the Esqido Companion Long Lasting Bond Eyelash Adhesive, which is latex-free and has a convenient brush applicator (to avoid a goopy mess a squeeze tube might cause). The glue starts off white, but dries clear. It seemed to hold quite well. I only wore the lashes for a few hours, but they stayed put!

To remove, Esqido recommends to use a cotton swab dipped in oil-free eye makeup remover. Dab along the lash band to dissolve the glue to remove easily and carefully. If you clean and take care of the lashes properly, they should last up to 25 times!


LOVE the look & feel of the lashes & the packaging! Totally Instagram-worthy!

Just a bit pricey retailing at $42 CAD (+ HST) at Holt Renfrew, but if you’re able to re-use them up to 25 times, then it works out to almost $2 each use, which is not bad in the long run! The “Big City Nights” were slightly more dramatic then I imagined. Great for a wedding or special occasion in my opinion.

You can “try” them on at the store via their lash monocle display, however it’s still a bit difficult to see how they would truly look like. For everyday use, I probably would have chosen the “Little Black Lash” instead.

Have you tried any Esqido Lashes before? If so, which style did you pick & what did you think?
Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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